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Samsung S22 Ultra review: Built-in S Pen, a new generation of integrated masterpieces

Samsung S22 Ultra review


In the past two years, Samsung has attracted many fans with its folding screen phones, but many users still love the Galaxy S series that Samsung updates in the first half of each year. After all, as the flagship, Samsung Galaxy S series products have the performance of the first echelon, and the overall level is still very high.

As the most high-end representative of the Samsung S22 series, the Samsung S22 Ultra can be said to be “the most powerful Samsung phone to date “. This year, the Samsung S22 series has chosen two completely different routes. The Samsung S22 Ultra is different from the other two products of the same series. It adopts a square shape similar to the Samsung Note series. According to the official statement, it integrates the S series and Note series.

Design of the fusion Note gene

  Unlike the Samsung Galaxy S22/S22+, the Samsung S22 Ultra adopts a completely different design from the previous two, and it seems more appropriate to use the word “fusion” to describe it. At first glance, the design of the Samsung S22 Ultra is somewhat similar to that of the Note series. The flat top and bottom borders and the design of the front and rear hyperboloid glass will make you feel familiar.

Galaxy S22 Ultra
Galaxy S22 Ultra


After seeing the Samsung S22 Ultra for the first time, many people will focus on the recognizable imaging system on the back. Unlike the Samsung Galaxy S22/S22+, which “frames” the imaging system, the Samsung S22 Ultra places the lenses in two columns in the upper left corner of the fuselage. From my personal point of view, this design can significantly reduce the space occupied by the imaging system and make the back panel of the whole machine look more simple.

The imaging system of the Samsung S22 Ultra is also the most powerful in the same series. This phone is equipped with a 108-megapixel main camera + 12-megapixel ultra-wide-angle lens + 10-megapixel telephoto lens + 10-megapixel periscope telephoto lens. The two telephoto lenses will provide 3x optical zoom and 10x optical zoom respectively. , by covering a wider focal length, to achieve full-scene shooting.

As the top-notch existence in the same series, the Samsung S22 Ultra also has a top-notch screen. It has a large 6.8-inch screen with a screen resolution of QHD+. If you like to get the most extreme look and feel, you can even turn on the highest refresh rate and the highest resolution at the same time. Of course, this screen also supports a variable refresh rate of 1Hz-120Hz, and the maximum brightness of the screen also reaches 1750 nits. What is worth mentioning is that this year Samsung also focused on improving the viewing experience of the screen. Through the built-in visual enhancer technology, it can ensure that some areas of the screen can get the best visual experience even in sunlight.

From the data point of view, the weight of the Samsung S22 Ultra reaches 228g, but it does not feel like falling in the hand. And thanks to the rounded frame design, you will not feel tired when holding it for a long time. In addition, in terms of durability, the Samsung S22 Ultra has also been significantly improved compared to the previous generation. In order to reduce the risk of damage to the body after falling, the Samsung S22 Ultra uses a new armored aluminum body, which is stronger than traditional materials. At the same time, the glass on both sides of the Samsung S22 Ultra uses Corning Gorilla Glass Victus + glass, which improves the drop resistance and has strong scratch resistance. Most importantly, both the Samsung S22 Ultra and the built-in S Pen support IP68 dust and water resistance, which is also a fine tradition that Samsung has always maintained.

The first S series flagship with built-in S Pen

What surprised me most about the Samsung S22 Ultra is that it is the first Galaxy S series model to introduce a built-in S Pen. At present, smartphones have become the most frequently used content production and consumption tools, followed by the popularity of large screens. Compared to a finger, the S Pen is a more precise input method, and it can also significantly improve the experience of using a large-screen phone. For the first time this year, Samsung built the S Pen into the Samsung S22 Ultra, and the features and experience have been further upgraded.

Samsung S22 Ultra with S Pen
Samsung S22 Ultra with S Pen

Thanks to the blessing of AI technology, the writing delay of the S Pen in the Samsung S22 Ultra has been reduced from 9ms to 2.8ms, which is close to the real pen and paper writing feel. In addition, users can also link with other Samsung devices through the S Pen, such as using the mobile phone to color when drawing on the tablet computer, etc., to enrich the functions of the S Pen.

It can be seen that the S Pen with excellent writing experience is no longer exclusive to the Samsung Note series. It is more like a bridge between different Samsung devices, which greatly improves productivity by providing users with a precise writing experience.

More powerful imaging system

At the press conference, Samsung officials spent a lot of time introducing the imaging capabilities of the Samsung S22 Ultra. From a hardware perspective, the Samsung S22 Ultra did not disappoint. In daily shooting, the 108-megapixel main camera can output a high-quality 12-megapixel photo through a nine-in-one pixel method, and the dual telephoto design of 3X and 10X also greatly improves the ability to record distant beauty.

It can be seen from the proofs that the 108-megapixel main camera performs quite well in terms of color and image quality. And thanks to the nine-in-one pixel design, taking a photo doesn’t take up much space, so you don’t need to worry about the storage space being full after taking a photo. As for the telephoto lens, the imaging quality is also quite high, whether it is three times the light change or ten times the light change. For exam

ple, under ten times the light change, the series of distant buildings are still restored quite delicately and look very textured.

In addition, once the magnification exceeds 20 times, the system will also open a new viewfinder, which is convenient for us to find the subject to be photographed. At this time, when the mobile phone does not detect obvious movement within 2-3 seconds, the anti-shake function will be automatically turned on. It can be seen that the viewfinder on the left side will be displayed in yellow after the anti-shake is turned on, which means that the anti-shake function is turned on. If you like to shoot the moon, or want to take pictures of beautiful scenery in the distance, this function will greatly improve the shooting rate.

“Night scene” is the key upgrade direction of Samsung S22 series this year. From the perspective of film production, the Samsung S22 Ultra will give priority to ensuring the film rate when shooting night scenes, so it does not need to be held for a long time after pressing the shutter. Its super-large photosensitive element absorbs a lot of light with 2.4μm pixels through nine-in-one pixel synthesis technology in low light environments. At the same time, both the lens and the covered glass surface have an ultra-low reflection nano-coating, which also ensures that clear and bright images can be captured in the dark environment with complex lighting.

Many people also use mobile phones to shoot portraits. This year, the Samsung S22 Ultra has also brought a number of upgrades in portrait shooting. The edges look more natural, and different blur effects can be adjusted in post-production after shooting. When shooting at night, the AI algorithm can even fill in the light for dark portrait photos. Make sure you shoot portraits in low light without losing detail.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra
Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

Flagship performance is indispensable

As Samsung’s new flagship in 2022, flagship performance is naturally a must. The National Bank version of the Samsung S22 Ultra comes standard with the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 mobile platform. This chip uses a 4nm process and the familiar “1+3+4” structure. The interior includes a 3.0GHz Cortex-X2 super core, three 2.5GHz Cortex-A710 large cores, and four 1.8GHz Cortex-A510 small cores. Compared with the previous generation, the performance is improved by 20%, and the power consumption is reduced by 30%. . After actual measurement, the Samsung S22 Ultra achieved a score of 960,000 in the AnTuTu platform. Considering Samsung’s consistent performance output, such a score is also in line with our expectations.

It is said that the new Snapdragon 8 is also a “fire dragon”, but on the Samsung S22 Ultra, the temperature control also performs quite well. I actually measured a set of “Honor of Kings” with high frame rate and high image quality. The maximum temperature of Samsung S22 Ultra is only 37 degrees Celsius, and it is only warm to the touch, which greatly improves the game experience. Coupled with dual speakers, this is a Proper gaming flagship.

Of course, there are also many users who are concerned about the battery capacity performance of the Samsung S22 Ultra. Although the phone has an S Pen built in, its battery still hasn’t shrunk. The large power of 5000mAh looks reassuring from the numbers. And with the help of the adaptive refresh rate function, the mobile phone will also match the corresponding screen refresh rate according to different scenarios. For example, after turning on the camera, the phone will maintain a 60Hz refresh rate. In the process of my actual use, only the two scenes of shooting video and playing games have a greater impact on the power of the mobile phone. In other scenarios, the power consumption of the S22 Ultra is normal.

Like previous Samsung flagships, Samsung S22 Ultra also supports rich charging functions. Including wired charging and wireless charging, Samsung S22 Ultra is ready for you. For daily use, I choose to use wireless charging at work and wired charging at home. In terms of wired charging, Samsung S22 Ultra supports 45W fast charging, which is enough to ensure that the phone is always full of power.

Write at the end

As Samsung’s flagship flagship in 2022, we can clearly see that Samsung is trying to meet the differentiated needs of users through three products with completely different positioning. Among them, the Samsung S22 Ultra, as the culmination of the Galaxy S series in 2022, is undoubtedly the most watched product. It integrates the classic built-in S Pen of the Samsung Note series, and also maintains the consistent design style and user experience of the Galaxy S series, providing users with one-step satisfaction.

In the current smartphone market, Samsung’s flagship is still the first choice for high-end users, and for those with sufficient budget, the Samsung S22 Ultra is their best choice.

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