Is Consumer Services A Good Career Path?

Consumer services is a sector that offers a variety of career opportunities, and it’s considered a good career path for several reasons:

  • Evergreen Demand: Consumer services are always in demand as long as people exist because, regardless of technological advancements, people prefer to interact with others for their service needs​​.
  • Flexibility and Diversity: The field offers a remarkable level of flexibility, with many options available that can accommodate a range of schedules and lifestyles. This flexibility is also seen in the breadth of job roles available, from entry-level customer service positions to management roles in retail, hospitality, and beyond​​​​.
  • Job Security: Many consumer services are essential and thus offer a high level of job security. Services like healthcare and banking are integral to daily life and are in constant demand, regardless of economic conditions​​.
  • Positive Job Outlook: The job outlook in consumer services is positive, with the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicting an 11% growth in employment in this field from 2016 to 2026, which is higher than average for other occupations​​.
  • Broad Sector: The consumer services sector is broad and includes a variety of careers in fields such as education, leisure and hospitality, health and social services, banking, consulting, and legal services. With a market of $300 billion and about 455,000 organizations in the U.S., the opportunities in this sector seem limitless​​​​.
  • Competitive Salaries: Particularly in finance consumer services, jobs typically offer competitive salaries and benefits, with the potential for bonuses, commissions, and profit-sharing. More experience can lead to higher salaries and advanced positions​​.
  • Skill Development: Working in consumer services gives individuals the opportunity to develop valuable interpersonal and problem-solving skills, which can be beneficial in various job pursuits and personal life. Moreover, many roles in consumer services do not require a college degree, making it more accessible​​​​.

These factors combined indicate that consumer services can be a very rewarding career path, especially for those who enjoy working with people, are seeking job security, and appreciate the possibility of career advancement without necessarily having a college degree.

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