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iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus, Feature


Apple just held its annual keynote in which it showed off the new iPhones we’ll be enjoying for the rest of 2022 and into late 2023. The arrival of a version Mini and a version Max.

These are the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus presented by Apple, we tell you what are the news and key features. Explore with us this new release from Apple and if it really lived up to the expectations about what was being said about it.


  1. Design: Goodbye Mini, Welcome Plus
  2. Hardware: Some renovations internally
  3. Screen: High quality and a little refreshing
  4. Cameras: up to work, as always
  5. Versions, prices and release dates.

Design: Goodbye mini, welcome plus

The mini version of the iPhone has been on the market for two years, receiving updates like its bigger brothers. The fact is that it does not seem that the smaller version of the accessible iPhone has received the acceptance that the Cupertino company expected, and that is why they have decided to change their strategy 180º. At this time Apple has decided to remove the Mini version from the market and introduce the Max version, which is the exact opposite.

  • iPhone 14: 6.1 inches
  • iPhone 14 Plus: 6.7 inches

At this time, the iPhone 14 will remain in the 6.1-inch line, while the iPhone 14 Plus will inherit the size of the Pro Max version, but not the technical characteristics. At the moment we will have 6,7 inches for the iPhone Max, which maintains the design and features of the entry version of the iPhone for this year.

In terms of design, the iPhone 14 changes are almost negligible compared to the iPhone 14, apart from the new shades that have been added to the catalog. At this point we will enjoy purple, green, blue, black, white and red versions. All this with the already classic names that Apple gives to its colors to give them a high level of mysticism, apart from PRODUCT(RED) assigned to red by the campaign against AIDS.

The front retains the notch already on the iPhone 13, with a small technical revamp but without the fanfare, leaving all that innovation for the Pro version. That if we were able to appreciate a reduction in the size of the borders of 20% compared to the previous version, is already quite thin, so the change is hardly noticeable.

As we’ve seen, the iPhone 14 features some design flourishes that maintain a fairly consistent path compared to previous versions.

iPhone 14

Hardware: Some renovations internally

The hardware of the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus will undergo some updates compared to the previous version. On the autonomy level, Apple promises specific usage times without talking in terms of mAh, as other companies usually do. In this aspect, everything points to the following autonomy:

  • iPhone 14: 3279 mAh
  • iPhone 14 Plus: 4325 mAh

It will continue to underpin a device with market-leading autonomy, as was already happening with the iPhone 13 Pro Max.

Yes, the Lightning port is retained as the iPhone’s charging and data transfer port, which is still yours under these conditions. As for the charge level, there is a slight increase through the cable to a total of 30W, all through an “intelligent” system to preserve battery life over time, 20W and 25W during the rest of the charging period. Living among

Inside is an improved 15-nanometer A15 Bionic processor, the same processor used for the iPhone 13 Pro.

The same goes for charging. Mag Safe, which uses slightly stronger magnets to support the increased weight of accessories. Charge that Apple makes available to iPhone 14 users in all its versions. One of the biggest innovations is satellite connections that can send emergency calls and similar messages.

Screen: High quality and a little refreshing

As for the 6,1 or 6,7 inch panel, depending on the version we choose, it will continue to use OLED technology, or Super Retina XDR as Apple prefers to call it. What hasn’t been implemented is the refresh rate boost that shines on the iPhone 14 Pro. In this part, the Cupertino company has decided to keep the 60Hz panel, or at least limit it at the software level.

This will undoubtedly improve the autonomy segment, so everything points to the fact that, in practical terms, the iPhone 14 Max Pro will offer a longer battery life, although Apple has clarified this. has not done

Cameras: Up to work, as usual

The module is a bit bigger, and as expected this means an increase in technical features, but they are negligible:

  • Main sensor: 1.9MP with 12nm size and f/1.5 aperture with OIS
  • Ultra-wide-angle sensor: 2.4 MP with aperture f/12

We continue to use HDR recording, use Cinema mode and record with Action mode, as well as all the features that make the devices of the Cupertino company so special, positioning them as a favorite alternative for photography lovers. will be able to The front camera will now have a 1.9MP f/12 aperture camera, which improves the TrueDepth system.

iPhone 14 Plus

Versions, prices

These are just the main features of the new one. iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus, we will tell you more details based on the reviews we will bring you soon, so we recommend you to be very careful.

Both devices will come with iOS 16, Apple’s new operating system that brings many improvements, which we have been telling you about the development versions.

At that time, the iPhone which is presented on September 7, will open the period. Reservations will start on September 9 and the first units will start delivering to their buyers on September 16.

You can buy Phone 14 at these prices:

  • iPhone 14 – 128GB: $799
  • iPhone 14 – 256GB: $899
  • iPhone 14 – 512GB: $999
  • iPhone 14 Max – 128GB: $899
  • iPhone 14 Max – 256GB: $999
  • iPhone 14 Max – 512GB: $1099

At the moment there are many secrets to know about the new iPhone 14 and how these new Apple devices will be developed, so we recommend that you join our channel. Wire where we share with you all our opinions about new Apple devices in real time.

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